Founded in 1993, The Scenic Route sets out to offer original, creative communication solutions which make a real difference.

Conferences, launch events, company debates, parties, corporate shows, videos, print, websites, exhibition stands and even whole exhibitions. We have many years of experience developing and managing any of these kind of projects, and a pool of resources to produce and execute them.

We have been in this business for more than 25 years and have seen it, done it and collected a cupboard full of T-shirts. When we started The Scenic Route, we did so with a very simple philosophy.

We wanted to consistently surprise and impress ourselves, our clients and our audiences, in everything we do. We wanted to do work that is effective, achieves the best result and is different. Work that truly makes a difference.

To ensure that we achieve this aim consistently, we created a flexible company structure around a small, multi-skilled and highly creative core team.

We bring in resources and people from our extensive world wide network of expert associates (writers, designers, production professionals and suppliers) only when they are needed, and only when they are relevant to the project in hand. This enables us to be flexible, cost-effective and retain our very high creative standards.

We combine intelligent observation and research with a highly creative response in order to achieve real results that have a long-term value. We apply techniques from the visual arts, theatre, film and television to achieve extraordinary results. Where appropriate, we add emotion and depth to any message, ensuring it sticks and has long-term impact. We rarely travel the obvious or usual routes and often break new ground with our projects.

From content development, through design and creative treatment, to technical production and project management, we bring the same values of commitment and dedication to every project  we undertake.

Our responsibility as producers is to ensure that your strategic objectives are met and that the end result is of the highest quality, cost effective, and exceeds all expectations.

The Scenic Route has extensive experience of managing projects anywhere in the world. We prefer to work with local suppliers and professionals and have built up a network of associates in many places. Bridging language and cultural barriers has become one of our specialities.