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April 25, 2013

Route 3: Flying from Miami International Airport to London Gatwick.

foggy Friesland

April 12, 2013

Route 2: the A6 from Joure to Lemmer through the Tjeukemeer in Friesland, The Netherlands. In fog.

my dad’s road

April 12, 2013

Not really “my Dad’s road” of course, but he was project manager on the construction of the section of the A6 through the lake called Tjeukemeer. It was the biggest project he was involved with and he was very proud of it. Looking at it now, it is a surprise it was ever built. A motorway section that runs through the biggest lake in Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands. It cuts the lake in half, even though halfway across, the road crosses a bridge to allow boats through. It is both a thing of beauty and an extreme example of the Dutch tendency to control the land and the water and also of their pragmatism. The most direct route for the road was through the lake, so through the lake it went.

I remember as a child visiting my dad at work. A day on site involved a trip in a boat to cross over to what is now the bridge and was then two small islands in the middle of the lake. Sand was hoovered up from the middle of the lake, mixed with water and pumped through a pipeline to be sprayed where the road was going to be. The sand settles and very slowly builds up the bridge ends and later the whole road. Careful management of the settling sand and the addition of stones keeps it all in place and once the sand and earth base has settled properly, the road can be built on top. In the early days we used to play on the quicksand and had hours of fun with walky-talkies.

My dad was acutely aware of the environmental impact of the project even though I don’t recall that being a big issue at the time. He introduced a number of innovations that helped blend the finished road into it’s setting. Traditionally Dutch motorway construction involved very clean and stark finishing. In some key places, they ended up leaving nature to create it’s own transition from constructed reality to its surrounding, by leaving areas alone to heal naturally. He was particularly proud of this and the resulting soft edges.

To this day, every time I drive this section of motorway, I think of my dad.

spring walk

March 27, 2013

The first Sunday in March was a nice day. The sun was out and it was pleasant to say the least. Time to get out of town and get some mud and grass under our feet. We do this occasionally. Not often enough, but every time we do we say we should do it more often.

After some discussion we went to Godstone, parked up and walked through the village and the surrounding area.

I highly recommend the Fancy Free Walks website, not only to get really clear direction for some lovely walks, but also for the sometimes very random historical background information. Without our route last Sunday we would never have known about the history of Godstone and the surrounding area.

It made us look up saltpeter and gunpowder when we got home and it told a lovely story about a local pirate and his untimely end.

Adding a story to the experience made it even more enjoyable. What started as a Sunday walk in very early spring weather, turned into a fun afternoon looking for clues in the landscape. We located the site where the gunpowder factory had stood and looked up the gravestone with the skull and cross bone where the local pirate was finally laid to rest.

Never underestimate the power of a good story. Never dismiss the person who goes through the trouble of looking it all up and sharing it with you.

And Mrs Stiksma got to chat to some ponies and that’s always a good thing.

to the I75

March 21, 2013

Route 1: Driving from Billy’s Swamp Safari to the I75, Everglades, Florida, USA.