Alan Partridge interviewing a Formula One racing driver asks: “What’s your favorite motorway?”


As a sort of tribute, I’ll add some of my favorite motorways and other routes as time goes by.

Everything is essentially the same size. Some things are just further away.

what is this?

March 21, 2013

scenic thoughts, observations and journeys for the purpose of sharing a passion and (let’s be honest) shameless self promotion

I am not entirely sure what this is going to become, but we’ll see as we go along. I’ll start with stories from years gone by, recent routes travelled, ideas and new thoughts around work, life and home renovation.

The stuff that keeps me occupied most of the time. I sometimes even call it work.

Hopefully, Scenic Routes will be a growing collections of journey snippets. A scrapbook of my attempts to make sense of life, I guess.

the plunge

March 21, 2013

You have to start somewhere. And to do that, there has to be a first time. So I guess this is it.


Plunge taken.


Swimming is the only option.